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What size ceiling fan downrod do I need – Best Explain 2021

What size ceiling fan downrod do I need? Hopefully, our article below is an informative discussion about what size downrod my ceiling fan needs, which will surely gather enough information and experience if followed.

Even if you do not have enough information and experience, we recommend installing your ceiling fan with an experienced technician. Because every electrical work must have anonymous details and expertise about it because every profession has a hidden danger. So, of course, if you don’t have any information and experience, then follow our article correctly or work with a technician.

Below is a discussion about what size ceiling fan downrod do I need.

What size ceiling fan downrod do I need
What size ceiling fan downrod do I need? Hopefully, our article below is an informative discussion about what size downrod my ceiling fan needs.

What size ceiling fan downrod do I need

The ceiling fan downrod serves as the primary consideration in choosing a ceiling fan. Depending on the ceiling of your room, you should pick the ceiling fan downrod. However, every ceiling fan company provides a specific downrod with their ceiling fan.

Even then, if your ceiling is too small or too high, you should use an accurate and scientific downrod to ensure adequate airflow. To choose a downrod according to your room’s ceiling height, our research team has arranged to provide an informative picture and information about different downrod through sufficient research by following which we hope you will be encouraged to choose an accurate downrod.

What size ceiling fan downrod do I need
What size ceiling fan downrod do i need

2 inch ceiling fan downrod

It is crucial to keep in mind that when the ceiling of your room is very low, such as 8 to 7 feet, it is recommended that your ceiling fan be 2 inches downrod because an extra-large downrod can be dangerous for your small ceiling room.

3 inch ceiling fan downrod

From the informative pictures or graphs given above, we can quickly determine that a 2 to 3-inch downrod is considered suitable for an 8 feet ceiling. However, most companies do not provide small downrod with their distorted ceiling fan. So this small downrod has to be customized. So this work should be done by an experienced electrician.

6 inch ceiling fan downrod

You should pick a 6-inch downrod when the ceiling of your room is 9 feet high. However, ceiling fan manufacturers offer 6 to 12-inch downrod with their sold ceiling fan.

72 inch ceiling fan downrod

For a room with a 16-foot ceiling, it is advisable to pick a 72-inch downrod to ensure you have an adequate air supply. For a room, you need to choose a large downrod because your decision helps to ensure the proper ventilation in your room.

84 inch ceiling fan downrod

Usually, the ceiling of your home hall or outdoor room is 18 to 20 feet long. If you want to choose a ceiling fan downrod for an 18-foot ceiling, then, of course, you can select an 84-inch downrod.

96 inch ceiling fan downrod

Using a 96-inch downrod for a 20-foot ceiling would be the right decision. However, it is recommended to increase the size of your downrod if the ceiling is high enough to provide enough air.

What size ceiling fan downrod do I need?

Can you install a ceiling fan without the downrod

Can you install a ceiling fan without the downrod?
can you install a ceiling fan without the downrod

Can you install a ceiling fan without the downrod? If you read this article, you Can install a ceiling fan without the downrod. Now, usually, when you put the downrod in, it’ll sit like this. You have to do differently is removed the downrod and throw it away.

Then you will mount the bowl of the trim that goes with your ceiling fan right up against the ceiling here. Where these screws are, so what you’ve done is you’ve gone ahead. And put these screws into the match the open slots on my ceiling fan. Here we have our ceiling fan already put together.

We have our blades on our sconces, and up here on our mounting bracket, a hook allows you to suspend. The ceiling fan, without having to hold it or have somebody else hold it that way, you can go ahead and wire everything up, so right here. We will take our black wire and blue wire, which controls your light and fan motor, and hook them to our black wire here.

Next, we’ll take our white wire, which is your neutral wire, and hook it up to the white wire coming. Now with all this extra wire that we have leftover. If you don’t want to cut it off, what you’ll do is go ahead and wrap it around the mounting bracket up here.

And tuck it in so that way it’s out of your way when you’re putting the ceiling fan up now that we have everything wired up. It’s time to go ahead, lift your ceiling fan up, and mount it on those screws up there now after you get it in those screws.

It’s not secure yet until you install the other screws, so make sure there are not many people walking around or somebody knocks. It’s because it will fall, and there you have it, that’s. How you can install a new ceiling fan without a down rod, here it is.

People also ask:

ceiling fan downrod diameter

Ceiling fan downrod diameter
ceiling fan downrod diameter

Usually, 1 inch diameter ceiling fan downrod is seen. Most ceiling fan companies make the downrod 1/2 or 4/3 inch diameter provided with the ceiling fans they produce.

Ceiling fan manufacturers do not maintain a certain standard for their ceiling fans, so it isn’t easy to use the downrod of one ceiling fan with other ceiling fans.

Different ceiling fan companies make diameter ceiling fan downrod according to their convenience.

ceiling fan downrod coupler

  1. The ceiling fan downrod coupler needs to be used when the ceiling is high to provide another downrod connection with the downrod supplied by the manufacturer.
  2. Join two downrods together to make the ceiling fan downrod coupler longer when brushing.
  3. Ceiling fan downrod sizes are 6 in., 12 in., 18 in., 24 in., 36 in., 48 in., And 60 inches.
  4. It is used to get different finish options to match your fan finish.
  5. The downrod coupler can be assembled using a length greater than 72in (XF-I), and the downrod can be made as needed.
  6. Modern form downloads are single-threaded on the motor side for a precise and straightforward ceiling fan.

What is the standard downrod length for a ceiling fan?

At present, ceiling fan manufacturers maintain a standard with their manufactured ceiling fan and provide downrod, which is from 2 to 6 inches. However, the downrod of a room depends on the ceiling height of that room.

You can also use 7 to 10 feet downrod for tall ceiling rooms as per your requirement, which you can easily collect from all of your nearest hardware. Or can be ordered online from various e-commerce sites.

At present, the downrod is 1/2 or 6 inches in diameter. Since you need to create an idea about what will be the extended mount on the ceiling height of your room. If you do not have enough information and experience about this, then we have discussed in detail about another article, Are ceiling fan downrods universal which if followed you will surely be able to gather enough information about ceiling fan downrod

Can you put a ceiling fan on an 8 foot ceiling?

Yes, of course, you can install a ceiling fan if the ceiling of your room fits, but make sure that the bottom of the fan is 7 feet away from the floor.

Because studies have shown that the safest distance to install a ceiling fan is at least 7 feet from the floor. When using a ceiling fan for an 8 feet ceiling room will undoubtedly affect its downrod. When installing a ceiling fan, must take care to gather sufficient information about its mount type.

Can you convert a flush mount ceiling fan to Downrod?

Yes, of course, you can convert a flush mount ceiling fan to a downrod ceiling fan. You can easily purchase a downrod from any hardware store near you, connect the downrod to your flush mount ceiling fan and use the existing ceiling fan as a downrod ceiling fan.

You can also order from any e-commerce site through online order to collect ceiling fan downrod, which will help you convert your flush mount ceiling fan into a downrod ceiling fan. The type of ceiling fan you purchase depends on the design and model of the ceiling fan.


What size ceiling fan downrod do I need? We hope the above article has provided you with enough information about However, in addition to this, we have discussed other issues that will ensure the provision of information on issues other than What size ceiling fan downrod do I need.

The downrod of a ceiling fan indicates the ceiling fan’s functionality through the use of a crucial part. What kind of downrod is needed with a ceiling fan? We hope you will be able to gather ideas and information if you follow the article above.

In addition, our expert team has discussed a lot of information about how to install a ceiling fan with light kit and how to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us, and our expert team will try to contact you as soon as possible.

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