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How to wire ceiling fan and light separately – Best Guidelines 2021

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately? Below our technical team has an informative discussion from actual experience on how to install a ceiling fan and lights separately. We hope you’ll be able to gather enough information from here.

Although there is a risk of a hidden danger in every electrical job, we recommend having a licensed electrician if you do not have enough experience. On the other hand, since our article is based on real experience and the style of experienced technicians, we hope that there is very little chance of any kind of error here. So if you follow this article enough, I hope you will be able to collect detailed information from here.

Below is a detailed discussion of how to wire ceiling fan and light separately.

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately?
How to wire ceiling fan and light separately?

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately? Today I want to talk to you about how to wire ceiling fan and light separately with two different switches for this job. It would help if you had a couple of different things. You will need a drill with a Philips tip bit pair of wire strippers, wire nuts, a razor blade, and electrical tape.

Here we have a standard ceiling fan. Here’s the mounting bracket that mounts up to the box. Your fan motor your light connects down here and inside are the wires hook that up with what you’ll have is you’ll have a wire running out of the box for the ceiling fan. Here I have a 14-3 wire, which means that there are three different wires with a protective coating and one copper wire.

I’ve hooked the motor to the fan up to my black wire the light to the fan fixture. That is the blue wire up to my red wire. And then my neutral, which is the white wire to the white wire and the green. Which is your ground to the copper the wire you’ll run that over to your switch box. Here we have two different switches in our box.

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately?
how to wire ceiling fan and light separately?

As you can see here, it’s the same wire going from the fan to the box. What I’ve done is I’ve hooked up my neutral wire to the hot wire coming in from the electrical box. which is just a standard 12 2 wire which means it has one black water, one white wire, and a copper wire. So I’ve hooked up my two neutrals together, not touching them to my switches. Here I have put pigtails on my ground wires.

That means I’ve hooked up two ground wires to my switches, run them over, and wire noted the one that’s running to the fan. And the one running from the box all together then. I’ve taken pigtails and run it from my switch here. And my switch hereto the hot coming in that means it’s coming from the box. Your electrical box into your switch box being split off into two different parts one’s running to this switch the other is running to this switch.

So here I have the red one coming into this switch which is a dimmer switch for my light. Now all you do is put it around the copper screw and tighten it up. So your power comes in goes through the switch out here and to your light and for your fan. You have power coming in here through here and out the black wire that runs to your fan, and that’s all there is to it. We just talked about how to wire ceiling fan and light separately. Thanks for reading.

How to wire ceiling fan and light separately?

How to wire a ceiling fan with light?

Now tell you how to wire a ceiling fan with light. How you wire it depends on how you want it to operate. Whatever the configuration, it’s probably a straightforward DIY project here’s. What you’ll need for the four most common wiring scenarios before accessing any junction box, always turn the power off and leave a note.

So no one accidentally restores potency during installation first, familiarize yourself with wiring safety color coding. And how the wires connect the color coding for your home’s wiring should be relatively simple black is a hot wire. The switch white is a neutral wire and completes the electrical circuit green or copper is a ground wire and can keep a fixture from experiencing damaging power surges.

If you find a blue wire and a black wire in a junction box, they’re likely wired to two switches on the wall; a red wire also indicates a wall switch. Now inspect the fan wiring; the black wire powers the fan, the white is neutral, the green wire is for the ground, and a red-blue or striped wire can act as a conductor to carry power to the fans’ light kit next. You’ll connect the new fans wiring to your household wiring using the connector supplied in your fans installation kit.

The first wiring scenario is for rooms without a switch. So you’ll use the two pull chains to turn on the fan and light fixture to install connect the green and grounding wires together. Then the white wires together connect the fans’ blue and black wires to the home black and red wires; this configuration will run power to both. Your fan and your light kit now tuck the wires up into the box, mount the fan to the ceiling, restore power and test the fan.

How to wire a ceiling fan with light?

The following configuration requires one switch; this would control the light fan assembly; you’d turn the fan on with the pull chain first to connect the ground wires together than the white. Now connect the light kits blue wire to the red wire in the ceiling and the black wire and from the fan to the black wire in the ceiling. Once all are secure, tuck the wiring into the box, mount the fan to the ceiling, restore power and check your work.

A third scenario is using one switch to control both the light. And the fan simultaneously here you would connect green to grounding white to white. Then connect both the fans’ black and blue wires to the house black wire; finally, scenario number four offers the most convenient but requires two separate switches one switch powers the light kit.

And the other powers the fan to do this the wire from your wall circuit to your light has to have four wires connect the green to the ground wire then wipe two white. The blue fan wire to the red ceiling wire and the black fan wire to the black ceiling wire in the switch box run the black wire to the screw located in switch number one and the red wire to the screw in switch number two.

Now connect the white wires and grounding wires, then tuck all the wiring back into their boxes and mount the fan to the ceiling; once the power is restored, turn on to test each switch. Keep in mind most new fans come with ceiling fan remotes. And their receivers will require installation during the initial wiring process when the main power supply is off to install a receiver.

After installation, lower the canopy to reveal. The wiring and connect all the corresponding wires per the instructions. When wiring is complete, replace the canopy and turn the power back on.

People also ask:

What are the wire colors in a ceiling fan with a light?

Usually, the black color comes from its fan, and the blue-collar wire is used when the lights are attached to a ceiling fan. A white wire, on the other hand, is seen as a neutron. Many times a red wire is used to provide adequate power in the light kit. And Green is used to take earthing from its soil.

Where do I connect the blue wire on a ceiling fan?

The blue wire that is usually seen from the ceiling fan is connected to the black or red wire emitted from the ceiling. By connecting the two wires together, the lights are powered by your second switch. Connect the two white wires that can be seen from your ground ceiling and ceiling fan.

What does Blue wire mean?

Usually, attach the red wire seen through the wiring from your ceiling wall to the white wire of the ceiling fan light kit. This will transmit more electricity to the lights and increase the amount of light.

Can you wire a fan and light together?

Yes, of course, if you have enough electronics experience, you can put a fan and lights together. Usually, pull the fan and light wires together to switch the fan and light together. The fan is generally connected to two white and two red wires so that you can connect them to the light by pulling between them. Connect a white, black and red wire to the 3-conductor cable.


How to wire ceiling fan and light separately? Hopefully, the above article has been compiled according to your needs. If you follow this article, you will definitely get a complete idea about how to install a ceiling fan and lights separately. Although this work is a complex process, it is very important to have adequate knowledge and experience in this field as it is electrical work. So we have a recommendation that if you do not have enough information or expertise, let an experienced technician do the work.

Although this article has been compiled from a real experience through an electrician, you can get complete information from here if you follow enough. When we do this work, we must ensure that it is connected to the power supply in advance.

Considering your convenience, our expert team has also discussed how to install ceiling fan, how much install a ceiling fan, How to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture, etc. Following this, we hope you will be able to gain whole experience in this regard.

If you have any information and opinions, and questions about how to make wire ceiling fan and light separately, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that our technical team will be able to contact you in the shortest possible time.

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