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How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control – Best Guidelines 2021

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control? Our technical team has an information-based discussion that will allow you to gather enough information on how to connect to a ceiling fan light and remote control.

Although the article we have provided is base on real experience and various information, you will have a recommendation if you do not have any experience to be performed by an experienced technician.

But we hope that since our article has been formulated from an authentic experience, we will gather enough information on how to connect to a ceiling fan light and remote control.

Below is an informative discussion on how to install a ceiling fan with light and remote control.

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control.
How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control – Best Guidelines

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control

How to install a ceiling fan with light and remote control? today we’re going to cover the installation of a ceiling fan with light and remote control. We’re going to gloss a little over an assembly of the fan because that’s not much different from any other ceiling fan. We’ve covered, and we’re going to focus mainly on the connection of that remote control receiver and the device that comes with it operate that back.

So let’s unpack the Box. It’s a Hampton Beach charity model 56 inch ceiling fan. Let’s get started so we’ve unpacked all the box contents and ensured that we’d got all the parts here; as for the parts list they provide, the manual starts talking about the safety rules. which, of course, mostly involved making sure the power is off before you work on an electrical circuit.

All our parts are in place; it talks about making sure that the Box. That you’re going to mount this fan to is securely fastened well. This new construction home and the Box installed for this ceiling fan were designed to hang a ceiling fan. So we’ve measured ourselves of that now we’re going to start with ending the main body of the fan, and that’s when we get into the electrical connections.

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control.
how to install ceiling fan with light and remote control

That we’ll talk about in-depth here as to how to look up this remote control device. okay, I’ve got my bracket installed for the ceiling fan. oh, this holds the download got my wires all out and ready to connect to the remote receiver. It gets installed up here in the fan’s canopy first though we have to determine, as I mentioned, this is a new installation.

And this was all wired pre-wired with the thought of a ceiling fan mount at this location in mind. So we’ve got a white wire, a neutral common ground, of course. We’ve got a red wire and a black wire. Now typically, when you’re doing a ceiling fan that has a separate control for the fan. And the light kit, you would have your common white or your neutral, and then you usually hook up the ceiling fan to the black wire.

And then the light kit to the red wire, which is usually the blue wire inside the ceiling fan assembly well; with the remote control, all you need is a source of power up at the fan. so what we have to do is determine which switch operates the yellow the red wire.

Which switch controls the black wire over on the wall and then decides what is going to be your basically your master switch to turn this fan and light assembly on, and one of the switches won’t be used in this case.

So what we’re going to do is find out on the wall over here which one the homeowner would most likely want to have as controlling the fan. The master control and then which switch is not going to do anything. So we’ll determine that, and then we’ll make our connections here, and the unused wire, the red of the black, will just get tucked up into the Box.

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control

So this is the receiver for the remote control for the family. Now, as you can see, it’s a little tricky to get all this stuff stuffed up inside the fan’s canopy. But can do it because that’s how it’s designed. We’ve determined that the wall switch that we want to use controls the black wire, and so between the black and the white, that’s going to be your power source to power up the remote control.

So we’re going to cut off the red wire, trim it put a cap on it tuck it up into the Box. We’re going to connect our neutral to the white on this remote control power in. We’re going to connect the black to the black from the power into the remote.

Then the wires coming out of the ceiling fan and light kit assembly are here; they get connected to this side of the receiver, the control side, and the colors match up exactly. They’re going to have white to white.

We’re going to have to black. I’ll run the fan, and we’re going to have blue for the light kit connected to the blue wire. So when you make all those splices, this is the antenna that receives the signal from the remote control. Everything’s all tucked up nicely in the Box; when you mean switches on, then you’re going to be able to operate this fan and light with the remote control.

So I’ll make my spices, and I’ll show you the assembly all tucked up in place. Before you make all your connections, the factory will have preset these dip switches in the receiver and the transmitter to the factory preset position of all of them in the of now.

You can set your remote code here. We’d like to make sure that if your neighbor happens to have another one of these fans. We don’t turn the fan on and off or turn a light on and select a cold it doesn’t matter they match the receiver to the transmitter. I like to put up switch numbers one and three, giving you a different code.

Then the factory is present, so don’t forget to do that. I’ll show you a picture of what everything’s all connected up herewith the transmitter and the receiver. We’ll all wire up in place here. So I’ve got all my splices made here, starting with the ground wires; of course, there’s spliced together.

I’ve got my power on this sidelight black coming into the receiver, and then I’ve got my white blue and black tied into the control side of the receiver; here’s the antenna. The tricky part is just tucking everything into place, making sure that the wires aren’t pinched, and making sure the canopy fits. And then, I finish with putting on the canopy screws holding the canopy firmly into place, and we’re ready to assemble the rest of the fan.

And then test our work. You’ve seen we shot now on a tight shot of the canopy all installed in place with the remote receiver all tucked up into the Box. We’ve assembled all the fan blades, which is not different than any other ceiling fan. So we’ve got the blades all to put together.

Now it’s time to start installing the blades onto the motor assembly. So they’ve got all the blades installed in place, tighten down appropriately and make sure everything’s free to move and all it’s good. So it’s time to put on the light kit now, so we’ve got our light kit installed, the bulbs installed, and the globe foot in place turned on the switch on the wall.

We’ve determined to be our master power switch for this bath, and now it’s time to test our work first the light that works fan. I’ve got the low, medium, and high buttons on the remote. So we’ll start low; watch your head, so you must be working medium takes it up a notch and high now the only controls on the fan itself or a reverse switch if you want that fan to pull air up or push air down.

So there you have it, installing a remote-controlled ceiling fan as I mentioned previously; check our website if you need more detailed instructions on installing a ceiling fan, including all the components involved. We’ve got a couple of good articles there. That’s the end of this one thanks for tuning in on the installation of a remote-controlled ceiling fan.

How to install ceiling fan with light and remote control.

People also ask:

Can I replace my ceiling fan remote?

Usually, each company makes the remote supplied with the ceiling fan they produce through a unique system that cannot use with other ceiling fans. If your ceiling fan remote is damaged or lost, you must arrange for another remote.

But at present, there are some remotes available which every ceiling fan can use as universal. So, of course, you can change your remote if there is any problem with the help of a universal remote.

What do I do if I lost my ceiling fan remote?

If the remote control system used with your fan is lost or damaged, you must purchase a new universal remote control. The remote that comes with a new ceiling fan can usually use with that model or fan, so if you want to use any other remote, you need to buy a universal remote control.

Are ceiling fan switches Universal?

The switch that is usually using to operate the ceiling fan is universal. When replacing a ceiling fan, the ceiling fan is using with its switch. So, of course, an electrician’s switch should be installed when replacing a ceiling fan.

This is because when another ceiling fan operates it, can confirm its use. So it can replace a ceiling fan switch according to adequate guidelines, then the ceiling fan switch must be effective as universal.

Can I control my ceiling fan with my phone?

Various ceiling fan companies are making their manufactured ceiling fan in modern technology, known as a smart ceiling fans. Because WiFi powers each ceiling fan, the connection to the ceiling fan is making through a mobile app, and you can use any ceiling fan by mobile as per your requirement.

You can easily use a ceiling fan by installing the Fansync app on your used Android or Apple mobile. But of course, to operate a ceiling fan by mobile, its device must be adequately replaced, which should be done by an experienced technician. So, of course, you can operate a smart ceiling fan with the app’s help on your mobile.


How to install a ceiling fan with light and remote control? We hope the above article will provide you with sufficient information about Although installing a ceiling fan is an easy task. Still, we would recommend that if you do not have enough experience, it must do by an experienced electrician.

Since our expert team has presented the article on how to install a ceiling fan light and remote control based on real experience and various information, we believe that if you follow it adequately, you will be able to install a ceiling fan light and remote control.

We are also considering your convenience, and our expert team has discussed enough information about how to install a ceiling fan with a light kit, how to replace a light with a ceiling fan, and how to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture that can follow by various information about a ceiling fan. Able to gain information and experience. We hope you will benefit from following it adequately because each of our articles has been presented to you through a specific and informative discussion.

If you have any comments or questions about how to install a ceiling fan with light and remote control above, be sure to contact us, and our expert team will try to contact you as soon as possible to answer the question.

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