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How to install a ceiling fan box – Best Guidelines 2021

How to install a ceiling fan box? It would be best to have enough information and experience before deciding whether the task is difficult or easy to perform. If there is not enough knowledge and experience in this regard, the work must be done by a skilled electrician and a licensed technician.

However, our expert team has an informative discussion about installing a ceiling fan box which will ensure you get enough information about it. Hopefully, by following our article, you will be able to gain experience in installing a ceiling fan box.

There is one hidden danger in every electrical work. On the other hand, following the informative discussion we have prepared will significantly reduce the risk of trouble which will help you perform this task.

How to install a ceiling fan box
How to install a ceiling fan box? It would be best to have enough information and experience before deciding whether the task is difficult or easy to perform.

How to install a ceiling fan box

How to install a ceiling fan box? We hope that our article below will be able to gather an informative discussion on how to install a ceiling fan box which will surely enable you to gain sufficient experience in this regard.

Do you have an existing light fixture? You need to take out and put in a new light fixture so that you can put a ceiling fan or maybe a chandelier in? Or maybe you’re arranging a light fixture into your ceiling where you didn’t have one before. But it would help if you put an old work box in.

Let me show you how you can put in a retrofit or an old work box that’s slightly different from most. It can support up to 70 pounds, so that’s pretty important when you’re putting a ceiling fan up or a heavy chandelier. And then, if you’re putting a ceiling fan up, how do we install the ceiling fan?

The first thing we need to do is turn off the circuit breaker. Make sure there’s no power up here. I recommend you have an electrical tester as well to be sure that the power is off. We’ve found the master bedroom, and we’re going to turn this off. So the light turned off when we switched off the circuit breaker.

How to install a ceiling fan box?
How to install a ceiling fan box

Once we get into this, we’re going to be checking for other power as well. The stud finder was having quite a bit of trouble here with the temperature on the ceiling, and I think some of the wood was being set back a little bit from the ceiling. So, bring it down there, there’s a stud right there, and this thing’s not picking it up.

So, here’s another trick I used. I took my screwdriver, came around the edges of this box.

Again, being sure my power’s turned off until I found where the wood was. And I can, poking around through here, I’m able to see that there’s one of the support beams one of the trestles overhead is running right there. So, with that information, I grabbed the support provided, looked at my holes, and lined it up with the stud. It would have to sit like that.

So that is not ideal with this box location because half of the box over here isn’t covered when I cover it. So I’d have a junction box that’s not above the fan. So, definitely a problem. So we’re going to have to use an old retrofit, retrofit box. Be this one that we’re going to, whoops. Be this one that we’re gonna put in place. All right, so to cut the box, we can use this multi-tool.

We’ve got a metal and metal cutting tip for this, allowing us to cut the screws holding that box in place or the nails. Now I’ve got my safety glasses on to keep my eyes clean. I’ve got my power turned off; I’ve double-checked that.

So I’ll be taking this blade right up the side. This ceiling is already a four-inch hole, and that’s the size of the hole we’re supposed to have for this retrofit box, so I’m going to be careful not to mess up the edges of the hole too much as I work on cutting this out. So, here we go. (blade whirring)

I should also note, I’m running a risk of cutting these wires while I’m up here working, so that’s a concern that we want to be careful with, and hopefully, we can avoid cutting the wire. (blade whirring) I’m going to cut the box as we go. (blade whirring)

I found one of the nails right here. We’re gonna cut that. (blade whirring) All right, this is a great little tool. Let’s see if we can get that.

Ouch, that nail’s burning hot! I shouldn’t have touched that. But, here it is, cut through. All right, with both nails out, now we’re going to work this junction box out. We must get out wires; gotta be sure to leave the cables in the ceiling on this retrofit job. We’re going to try and pry open where the wires go through.

Be careful not to cut the wire insulation. We don’t want our job to have a fire hazard when I’m doing it. God, I think I got it. If I can get the box out, that’s the next question. Ceiling’s full of insulation here.

Now, I’m looking closely at these wires to ensure that I haven’t nicked or cut any of this insulation in my demolition here. With that look, I think everybody, everything’s looking okay. If there were any bare copper showing, we’d have a problem here. We’d have to work some more wire on this in a safe manner. And that brings up safety is always essential when you’re working, doing projects.

So don’t try anything you’re not comfortable with; you’re responsible for your actions, make sure you’re safe.

All right, it’s got some excellent instructions on things to watch for these old work boxes. A couple of points on this one, there are these screws that you have to select which side you want, 1032 screws or 832 screws depending on what you’re supplying, what you’re installing.

Because we’re putting a fan in place, we want 1032. All right, use your imagination with me for a moment. If this box were the wood right here, it’s gonna secure in like that, and then the box is gonna safe this side. All right, this can be a little bit confusing, so I’m going to show this before I put it up to the ceiling.

The big wood screws are what’s holding this in place. This box is rating at 70 pounds which is pretty typical for a lot of ceiling fans. I showed the little slides on the side, and you need to make sure those are setting for the fan. And then, if you try and set it like this, that’s incorrect; it’s not gonna work. You need to select this particular box; different brands of the box will probably be other. Like so.

There will be some screws that you can see through the inside of the box, so the screw comes out from the inside, then the screws will come in here and outside. When that screw’s in place from the inside through, it’s going to hold the box together. So here it is all screwed together, you got two screws there, there’s also a ground screw that you’re going to use with the ground wire inside.

Okay, let’s get this thing in the ceiling. Okay, let’s get this bracket installed. Working it in there, getting it flush on the wood. All right, here we go. I got my extension tip on this drill, which will help hold the bracket in place and test fit. Now you can go in.
(drill whirring)
(drill whirring)

Okay, let’s see if it fits. We’re hitting on something. I think I’m hitting on one of the bolts. I’ll have to adjust it. All right, let’s try that again.

How to install a ceiling fan box? It would be best to have enough information and experience before deciding whether the task is difficult or easy to perform.

Do you know what I forgot? I forgot to put the wire through. Like so. Now they provide this nice grommet that goes in. I’ll be putting this up in the box; I’m gonna slide the wire through the hole first. Then I’ll slide this grommet under the wire and get it secured here.

That’ll keep the wire from ever rubbing against the metal, cutting and feeding the wire in through our knockout.

Okay, with that in place. Okay, now we’re going to get our little grommet on the wires. To put this in, I know you can’t see much with my hands here but gotta be careful that you’re not cutting the wires in the process that we’re going in. So, watch the metal edges.

So there we worked the wires through, got the grommet snapped in place, pushed it down, so it’s nice and flat or flushes around here.

Okay, thanks a lot for reading how to install a ceiling fan box. I hope you found it helpful.

People also ask:

Do ceiling fans need a special box?

Ceiling fan boxes are usually fitted based on the building code. However, the special box is not required for ceiling fans unless there is another arrangement inside your building or room.

Downloads are usually attached to the ceiling of the room for hanging ceiling fans. The Flushing fan hangs and ensures our clamp supply. Often, special boxes are placed according to the building code rules to turn the ceiling fan.

Can I install a ceiling fan without a box?

Usually, a ceiling fan is a heavy material and cannot install a special box unless the ceiling fan has some other arrangement in your ceiling beforehand.

So it would help if you made sure that the electric box can hold your ceiling fan.

Do you need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Since some electrical work has to be done to install a ceiling fan, such as wiring it and providing a switch connection with electricity, it is reasonable to make these jobs efficient and unlicensed.

On the other hand, if you have enough experience and information in this regard, you can certainly install a ceiling fan yourself. However, our expert team has provided a very informative discussion on how to change the ceiling fan light bulb and wiring a ceiling fan with light with one switch. We hope you will be able to gain enough experience in this regard if you follow our articles well enough.

So if you do not have the necessary experience to install a ceiling fan, you must have your work done by a skilled electrician. Because in every work there is a hidden danger.

Can I install a ceiling fan myself?

Can I install a ceiling fan myself?
Can I install a ceiling fan myself

Generally, you will need prior experience installing a ceiling fan, although installing a ceiling fan is not a difficult task. If you already have an attic attached to your ceiling to hang the ceiling fan, then your task becomes more manageable.

Even if an antique or unique ceiling fan box is not attached, you can install a ceiling fan following our expert discussion.

Or you can see another article about how much it costs to install a ceiling fan by a skilled electrician. We hope that by following these two informative discussions, we will install a ceiling fan in two ways with an attic connection and without an attic connection.


We hope a whole informative discussion about how to install a ceiling fan box will allow us to gather enough information from the article above. Our expert team has compiled this article based on practical work on how to install a ceiling fan box.

Although we will have a recommendation if you do not have complete information and experience, the work must be done by a skilled and unlicensed person. On the other hand, we hope to thank the article we have made above because if you follow the writing well enough, you can collect as much information from here after installing a ceiling fan box.

Also, our expert team has provided an extensive discussion on how to Replace a Light with a Ceiling Fan. Hopefully, you will be able to gather information on this subject if you follow it enough. Also, if you have any feedback and questions, be sure to contact us, and our technical team will try to answer each of your questions appropriately.

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